Sensor Systems

Modular Chemical Detection System (SC-210)

The Modular Chemical Detection System is designed to provide the basic parts necessary to incorporate a chemical sensor into an existing network or device for demonstration purposes. Weighing less than four ounces (100g), the SC-210 base assembly can detect numerous volatile organic chemicals, emissions gases, nitro- aromatics, and chemical warfare agents (CWA).

Optional modules can be added to increase response speed, increase sensitivity, to protect the sensor from extreme environments, and to build a handheld miniature gas chromatograph.



  • Detects Volatile Organic Compounds and Chemical Warfare Agents
  • Turn on and detect within 15 seconds
  • Attach to a laptop via USB for real-time monitoring and data collection
  • Proprietary chemicapacitive sensor array, available with optional gas-tight flow-path
  • Interchangeable Sensor Array allows for rapid customization for your specific needs
  • Can sample up to once a second


Type SC-210
Substance Detected Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
Detection Principle MEMS Chemicapacitive Sensor Array
Sampling Method Ambient Air Sampling
Response Time Seconds (concentration dependent)
Power Source USB or 3.3V alkaline battery
Connectivity USB or RS485 serial
Operating Temp. -5ºC to 70ºC
Display LED indicators, Laptop
Dimensions L1.1 x W2.7 x H0.8 in.
Weight Less than 4 oz. <100 grams
Accessories Air Pump, AC Adapter, metal case, Coin Cell Battery, RS-485 Output, Laptop Computer